Friday, December 6, 2019

Ethical Issues in ICT for Information -

Question: Discuss about theEthical Issues in ICTfor Information and Communication. Answer: ICT has led to the formulation of numerous ethical issues concerning the protection of very secret and useful information that can be found on the internet and all ICT systems. A good ICT policy must be able to safe guide the privacy of those who use these systems. We, therefore, will discuss the rights of every individual in ensuring that they can maintain ICT rights(Go?rman, Drees, Meisinger, Theology., 2005). A lot of ethical issues are debating raised in this currently changing technological environment. This, therefore, requires special kind of attention and efforts towards resolving them. Of major consideration will be the ethical issues in the information and technology sector which is rapidly growing(Doridot, 2013). This ethical issue includes invading on individual privacy and also corporate privacy by mostly going through their systems mostly through hacking or also when you can come across confidential information as an employee of a company. Societal rights are also very crucial in preventing access to information by the public that could result in the form of incitement or could lead to war and unstableness(Mendina Britz, 2004). Ethical Dilemmas What is seen as being unethical in one country may not be viewed in the same way in other countries? The international companies have an obligation in ensuring that human rights of its citizens are taken care of, job equality, protecting the environment against pollution and promoting social responsibility in their business surroundings. In the U.S death penalty is allowed while in other nations this is against human dignity. Managers must at times also confront some dilemma issues(Cohen, 2008). On issues of ICT dilemma, the best way to solve the issue of your best friend's husband been sick is by viewing all options on the other hand disclosing the health of individuals is unethical while at the same time hiding this could result to problems to your company and at the same time my best friend. I would, therefore, talk to both of the members of this family and make sure that they are all aware of the consequences of the actions that they are about to take. They will most probably agree with your argument and on that occasion will not commit the act. This will also save embarrassment that could result from letting everybody be aware of the coming death of your friend's partner(Gudmundsdottir Vasb, 2014). References Cohen, M. (2008). 101 ethical dilemmas. London: Routledge: Taylor Francis, c/o Bookpoint. Doridot, F. (2013). Ethical governance of emerging technologies development. Hershey: Information Science Reference. Go?rman, U., Drees, W. B., Meisinger, H., Theology., E. S. (2005). Creative creatures: values and ethical issues in theology, science, and technology. London; New York:: T T Clark. Gudmundsdottir, G. B., Vasb, K. B. (2014). Methodological challenges when exploring digital learning spaces in education. Rotterdam: SensePublishers, Mendina, T., Britz, J. J. (2004). Information ethics in the electronic age: current issues in Africa and the world. Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland Co.

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