Saturday, February 1, 2020

Decision Making Case Study 2 Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Decision Making 2 Report - Case Study Example By allowing the daughter to make the decision, the company will save resources, time and emerge more effective than before. Furthermore, Kelly Muellers seems to have a balance of logic and intuition when making decisions- traits which are absent in the father. The daughter has high sensory acuity and experience in making high quality decisions as seen by the decisions she has made in the years she worked in large organizations before joining AT&D. Furthermore, having worked for 15 years as an engineer at two U.S. large automakers gave her enough experience required to make viable decisions (Caldwell, 2014). Moreover, Kelly Muellers is more suited to make the decision as she is a rational decision maker who is aware that the personal decision she will make will not only affect the business, but also the families and workers who directly benefit from the company. However, she is more driven by priorities and value for the decision she is making. This can be demonstrated by the extensive research she has carried out about the location in Mississippi which is ideal as it is located near a new Toyota plant with a potential of giving hope to the people of Mississippi who were heavily affected by the recession. Her research has clearly indicated that the company had no future in Michigan, but the opportunities in Mississippi were vast. It is clear that a valuable decision is the one that will rescue the company which is facing a risk of bankruptcy. Furthermore, if the company is closed due to bankruptcy, even the people working in the company will lose their livelihood. As such, there is no o pportunity cost of moving to Mississippi (Sarfin, 2014). There are several reasons why the father should be secluded from making the decision. One of the major drawbacks as an effective decision maker in this case is rooted in his emotional attachment to the current location of the company and the people working

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