Saturday, November 2, 2019

Charging Children as Adults Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Charging Children as Adults - Essay Example With matters dealing with criminal justice, the method is not much different. First, the issue has to be stated, then it is discussed, and conclusions are drawn. Where steps look like they may have been skipped, the research objectives are within the job description of solving crime, and methodology and data collection is done during the discussion of the issue if it has not been done already. The matter at hand for this discussion is that of charging children as adults for the crimes they commit. When children are charged as adults for crimes, it can leave a permanent mark on their record that they will never be able to outlive. It is believed by some that this method of criminal justice will serve as a warning to those who would otherwise do harm to others, saving untold numbers of people from harm and homicide. Others believe that the children who are sentenced to these kinds of charges are from states of disenfranchisement, with matters only made worse by the fact that where they once did not believe they would overcome their situations, they are now supported in their own conclusions, guaranteeing them a life of less opportunity than those who may commit the same crimes, but do not suffer the same consequences as a result of the advocacy they receive from their community. In conducting researching for issues in the criminal justice system, the two most common methods are quantitative and qualitative (Maxfield; Babbie, 23). Quantitative analysis is that which deals with concrete facts, or quantities.

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