Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Most Powerful CoSchedule Calendar For Solopreneurs Live Demo Recap

Most Powerful Calendar For Solopreneurs Live Demo Recap Did you know that we’ve added some great new features + slashed prices on some of our other powerful features to offer you our brand NEW Essential + ReQueue Plan. This is the best plan out there for solopreneurs, freelancers, and bloggers!  Ã°Å¸â„¢Å' Watch This: The Most Powerful Calendar For Solopreneurs With our NEW Essential + ReQueue plan, you get: ReQueue (for FREE).  No need for add-on expenses. With our new Essential + ReQueue plan, you instantly get ReQueue! That means you’re gettin’ a $150 social automation toolfor FREE. Our best integrations package (yup, literally all of them). Every  pricing plans now includes our best integrations: Google Docs, Evernote, Google Analytics,, every social networketc. All your WordPress sites on ONE calendar (w/one price).  No more jumping from calendar to calendar to keep track of every WordPress site. Quickly access all your sites  (and every associated task, piece of content, and deadline) in the same calendar. 😎 Built-in social message analytics.  Our built-in social message analytics are included with the Essential plan, plus (coming soon) a new series of Social Network Reports. AND saved calendar views (by default). With the new Essential plan, you can create multiple calendar views, save em, and quickly access your content whenever you need it. Why it’s the BEST plan for Solopreneurs, Bloggers Freelancers: You get WAY more for less.  Before our Essential plan, it took $79/month to gain access to ReQueue feature. We’ve cut the price by $30. Now, you can get ReQueue plus a ton of other features for only $49/month. You can add users + social profiles whenever you want. You will never need to pay for users or profiles that you don’t need. Now you can add additional users for only $9/month or social profiles in packs of 5 for only $2 per profile. You have ONE bill (for everything).  With our old plan, many users were required to pay for multiple calendars with multiple bills. This was hassle and could get expensive quickly. We’ve fixed that. Now you’ll have one subscription and one bill to manage. Huzzah! Need more details?  Check out the Essential + ReQueue plan today on our pricing page.

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