Thursday, November 21, 2019

Informative Research Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Informative Research Paper - Essay Example It seems that solar energy is more potential as compared to other renewable energy sources, because it is easily and freely available and causes less harm to the environment. In the words of Daniel Lincot, the chairman of the five-day European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference held in Valencia, solar energy can meet the energy demand of the whole world, for it is a â€Å"renewable, safe, and clean source† of energy (qtd. in Hill). This paper will suggest solar energy as the most potential alternative renewable energy source currently available, for its potential features such as infinitely free energy, no greenhouse gases, saving eco-systems, and off-the-grid energy generation. Solar Energy The most potential feature of solar energy, according to Kamat, is that it is an infinitely free energy; and this would not usually incur any additional expenses other than the initial installation and maintenance costs (2834). As compared to conventional power generation, solar energy p roduction does not require expensive raw materials such as coal, and it requires a significantly lower labor force. Solar energy generation has advantages of direct and indirect costs. To illustrate, since sun and the solar semi-conductors can do the whole work, it would trim down labor costs to a great extent. In addition, no raw materials are to be extracted and refined for the production of solar power, and hence there are no indirect costs involved. Desideri finds solar energy as the most accessible renewable energy as compared to other energy, because it is more available and free, â€Å"and it is considered such as one of the greatest technological potential areas† (298). Sunlight is distributed almost equally all across the globe although there are some seasonal and territorial variations in the availability of sunlight; it also adds to the potentiality of this renewable energy. Another notable feature of solar energy is that there are no greenhouse gases emitted durin g the solar power generation process, and therefore it contributes little to environmental issues such as global warming or climate change. In addition, solar energy does not produce any smoke or chemical byproduct that is toxic to humans. Thomas also points out how a solar thermal or photovoltaic system avoids greenhouse gas emissions (28). It is clear that today nations strive to eliminate greenhouse gases and other toxic emission so as to promote the concept of sustainable development. In this context, this green energy technology would assist governments in cutting down their environmental intervention costs and promoting environmental sustainability significantly. Furthermore, since solar energy is free from environmentally harmful emissions, solar power plants can be established in any region where high intensity sunlight is available. The United States Environmental Protection Agency proposes solar energy as the most substantial choice: Solar energy is considered environmenta lly friendly because the sun is a natural energy source that does not require the burning of fossil fuels and the associated air emissions. In addition, it is considered renewable since the energy produced from the sun does not deplete any natural resources, and will never run out†¦ Certain additional features allow the end user to continue to operate even when the sun is not shining (EPA). Finally, developing more solar energy is a better way for organizations to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility, which is a central aspect of

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